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Difficult lady
© Edwin Kats
Difficult lady
* ** *** **** Vollbild
This is already my favorite image of the year. A truly exciting experience, I will never forget. First this goshawk flew straight over my hide making no sound at all. I felt my heart beating and after half an hour she did the same but landed on the ground. She was nervous and after a few seconds she left, screaming like crazy. Again after 40 minutes, same thing happened. She landed, looked around and left screaming. I didn't move or touch the camera. Almost an hour later she returned but this time from the left. She landed right onto the bait. Screaming and looking around like she was chased by a ghost. After a few seconds she left but this time I pressed the shutter, holding my breath and gently squeezing the shutter release, because I realized my camera was still on iso 400 and the shutter speed was not more then 1/20 sec. It was nearly dark.
I know she lost her mate early this year and I think there's another male in the area. I wish her luck finding another mate but I blame her for giving me high blood pressure.
Autor: ©
Natur: Beeinflußte Natur ?
Fotografischer Anspruch: Professionell ?
Technische Angaben: zeigen
Dateigröße: 396.6 kB, 1000 x 665 Pixel.
Nikon D3s with Nikon 500/4 VR
Iso 400 1/20 sec. f/4 full frame
The bait I've used is a female black grouse
Ansichten: 33 durch Benutzer, 394 durch Gäste, 1839 im alten Zähler
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Hier war ein gelöschtes oder deaktiviertes, oder für Sie unlesbares Objekt.