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Chris Blicken
Beigetreten 2011-10-27


Second generation Pantala flavescens observed at Lake Rakutowskie (52°32'10.7"N UTM: CD 82)
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Pygmy damselfly - Nehalennia speciosa - copulation
banded darter (Sympetrum pedemontanum)
Hi Andreas, Congratulations to the author for photographing such a valuable and very rare dragonfly.
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Thank you, Karsten. I did not know these dragonflies until that day. I sought and found in Kashubia. Regards, Chris
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Cordulegaster boltonii - male
Copulation of mixed pairs. Male banded demoiselle with female beautiful demoiselle.
Gänsesäger (Mergus merganser) - female
Hallo Roger, Ferry If I would like to show this photo from the perspective of the eyes of the goosander, then I show. This picture is made from another perspective and you should take into account my point of view. You thought what I want to show. Or maybe the goosander is just a staffage (in painting - ausstaffieren). I wish you good fun in finding what's important. Best wishes, Chris
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Gänsesäger (Mergus merganser) - male
It is Southern Darter (Sympetrum meridionale) - female.
Calopteryx splendens - female (Sparganium emersum Rehmann)
Hallo Jalil, Beautiful shot. Regards Chris
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Sympetrum striolatum - male
Gomphus flavipes - female
Hello Ruth, Thank you! Nikkor AF-S 70-300 mm f/4.5-5.6G IF-ED VR II, 300 mm, 1/1000 s, f/11, ISO 800, Exposure compensation -0,67, AF-C. Photo taken out of the hand. Regards, Chris
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Aeshna mixta
Hi Wilhelm, Dragonflies in my photos are in a typical position of rest, a characteristic of the species. The second my photo given by you is not marked as "Naturdokument" and is an example of misguided. Why Wilhelm your photo "auf Klee" not already flagged as "Naturdokument"? I think that you did the right thing. Photo of a dragonfly on anything planted can not be "Naturdokument". Harald photographs can not be classified as "Naturdokument". Do yo
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Hello Andreas, Thank You! Regards, Chris
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Tandem during oviposition.
This Dragonflies never sit in such places. These are the juvenile dragonflies, very young females. Such dragonfly searching a secluded, much higher ground, for example on the trees. I think that creating a scene before shooting disqualify any photo as "Naturdokument". Thank you for the nice discussion. Regards, Chris
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I repeat, the picture may be appealing, but it is not "Naturdokument". Regards Chris
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Harald, Sorry, but Black-tailed skimmer does not sit on such plants. Chris
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Hi Harald, You may like it, but there is nothing as documentation of nature! Chris
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Hallo Andreas Sorry for the mistake. So rare species, so ****. Congratulations. Regards, Chris
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Hallo Klaus So rare species, so ****. Congratulations. Regards, Chris
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Female Emperor dragonfly during the oviposition. On it perching Common blue damselfly.
Hi, Andreas Congratulations to meet with such a rare dragonfly and execution of successful pictures. Regards, Chris
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Anax imperator - female
Anax Parthenope consumes Orthetrum cancellatum.
Orthetrum albistylum - Östliche Blaupfeil - female
Today: Crocothemis erythraea - male
I would add that the background is alder tree trunk. Regards, Chris
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Thanks awfully! Regards, Chris
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Spitzenfleck - Libellula fulva - female (2015-05-16)
Gemeine Smaragdlibelle - Cordulia aenea - male At this link: is the video of Downy emerald reaching walk to fly away on its maiden flight.
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Sympetrum danae - female
Sympecma fusca - male
Coccinella septempunctata
Hepatica nobilis Mill.
Hi Heike, The bright stain at the right edge destroys the beautiful photograph. Chris
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Blutrote Heidelibelle - Sympetrum sanguineum female. Time of realization photos: 07:03:06, 07:03:07, 07:03:09, 07:03:10.
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Gemeine Heidelibelle - Sympetrum vulgatum I watched copulating pair of Vagrant darter for 18 minutes. In the course of copulation the female began to excrete the eggs, as you can see under segment X. Excreted eggs were been fertilized before.
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Hallo Ute, It's just a reflection of the sky in the water.
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Große Pechlibelle - Ischnura elegans So it is when youth having sex.
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Poppies in the wind on the edge of the beach.
Hallo Angelika, My sincere congratulations. Beautiful picture. Regards, Chris
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Östliche Moosjungfer (Leucorrhinia albifrons) - female
Östliche Moosjungfer (Leucorrhinia albifrons)